Every house and feeder is hand painted. All are unique. They are samples of art. The item you select from the catalog will be the one shipped to you.

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 Ron & Kitty Jensen asked me to write a FORWARD for their new web site. I am honored to do so.
 Art Utnehmer, Friend
 Ron and Kitty have been married over a quarter century. Ron spent most of his life in real estate and insurance. He is an author and has been on the Larry King show. He retired in 2000 which gave him time to do his “shopping” as he calls it. That is working in his shop creating new inventions. Kitty retired in 2004. She has been a personal secretary for most of her working years, mostly as a gal Friday, one of those people in the office who does just about everything. Kitty enjoys quilting and trying new recipes in the kitchen. She is also an accomplished artist. Together they enjoy feeding and observing birds and their yard is full of flowers. After he retired, Ron worked on a new line of bird houses and feeders.
 He saw a number of deficiencies in all houses and feeders and decided to create the worlds best line of bird products. He determined that every item should conform to the following set of specifications:
  1. The unit should be made of durable material that could be easily cleaned.
  2. No tool will be needed to perform required maintenance.
  3. The unit will satisfy the needs of the birds.
  4. They will be beautiful.
 Ron developed the houses and feeders and then Kitty took over and made them beautiful with hand painted flowers, etc. Their houses and feeders were a success and soon they added several people to help paint the units to keep up with the demand.
 Below is a gallery of their products. Please take your time and view them. The one you choose is the one you will receive. Each one is made and painted especially for you. Complete instructions come with each unit and they are fully backed by their warranty. Go ahead – shop and enjoy. Your unit will arrive in 7 to 10 days.

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